Sunday, August 20, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #190

Welcome back to another spanko brunch. Last weekend I had an interesting experience that became the inspiration for this week's topic. We all know that spankings are usually noisy, and that much of the sound comes from the spankee's mouth. "Ow! Ouch! Stop! Don't stop!" are just a few of the noises that are familiar to all of us.

How important to you is vocalization during a spanking? If you had to refrain from vocalizing, could you do it unaided? Would you need some physical help—a handkerchief or towel, for example? If you have had this experience, how did it feel?

As always, please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.  I will publish a summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, August 19, 2017

You Finished this Sentence

Someone should invent...

KDPierre: Someone should invent a pocket-sized "hypocrisy mirror", so that when confronted by a hypocrite, you can hold up the mirror so they can see their own true reflection...kind of like Dorian Gray's portrait.

Leigh: Someone should invent a 'do over' button, or a mouth filter that screened your words before being blurted out, like mine.

Michael M: Someone should invent an "I like spanking " app which sends off a message to a phone nearby, that is also set to "I like spanking". Each phone buzzes quietly and away you go. Makes for an interesting start to a conversation and means you don't have to wonder or make the wrong move.

Eonz: Someone should invent a long distance remote control spanking mobile app.
This way when a lady needs a spanking and is not near her significant other, she can follow his orders, place it in her back pocket and let the phone do its business at his command. (It would have to be a high powered jolt more so than the vibrate feature on most phones.)

Baxter: Someone should invent a spanking app, kind of an Uber for spanking. You go on and request a spanking and the app directs you to locations nearby where you can get spanked.

Belsteph: A computer controlled spanking machine. You indicate the location of the upturned bare bottom, select a severity and a duration, and it applies paddle blows with explosive stinging force.

Hermione: Someone should invent a portable self-spanking machine that would fit into a handbag or backpack, for those times when I really need a spanking but there is no one around to do it for me. 

Developers, I hope you are reading this. Get to work on those apps!
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday FAIL

Advertising in days gone by was seriously sexist and very un-P.C. Take a look at these ads from over 50 years ago.

Ad executives would be paddled for creating ads like these today.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Finish this Sentence

The last time we played Finish this Sentence it was a great success, so let's play round two today.

Someone should invent...

Finish the sentence in the comments section below.  Your sentence can be related to spanking, but as you well know, anything goes! I will publish a list of your sentences on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Reader Participation

This isn't going to be the usual selection of fiction from the top shelf. Instead, one of my regular readers has written a true story in three parts, and he would like you all to participate as the story unfolds. I will let A.J. explain it in his own words. Over to you, A.J.

I finally got around to writing a story that I heard and that has interested me for over 10 years, and I would love your opinion/reactions.  I have recreated that story and added a bit for clarity.  While I cannot guarantee whether the story is absolutely true or some made-up fantasy by the original author, I believe it is a true story.

Why? Because I know the female lead in this story!  Yeah!  How about that!

"Know" as in we correspondeded via email years ago in setting up a meeting for when I next came to New York City, and we spoke on the phone once or twice.  That was the limit of our contact.  The logistics never worked out so I never actually got to meet with her (dammit).  Her name is Mollie, she definitely lived in New York City, and would - without hesitation - agree to do this.  That is my only reason for believing this story is true.  That, and I want it to be true.

The story, one of those "what ever happened to (Name)?" stories, appealed to me at first reading because it sounded like fun, but intrigued the heck out of me more for what the author didn't say than for what he did.  And for that, I appeal to you, dear reader.  But first some admin.

My re-creation of this story is from memory, so it is what it is.  I want the opinion of Hermione's female readers, but guys - feel free to join in.  Wise-ass comments are always fun, too!

There are three women in this story, but before I repeat it, for the female readers, I want you to think of two people you know, both female between the ages of 25 and your age, not married, and not with someone in a relationship that has progressed to the point of becoming serious.  This could be a neighbor, a co-worker, a relative, preferably someone you consider a friend, someone with whom you could easily see yourself having a "girls' night out".

Does she know you are a fan and reader of Hermione's blog or others like it?  No.
Do you know each other's sex lives??  Probably not.  (But women talk.  A lot!  About things guys do not talk about to other guys, so I'm on thin ice here.)

Guys, if you participate same rules for you, too.  Two female acquaintances whose behind-closed-doors-life you do not know, but can only guess.

Got it?  Three people: you are one of the three, plus two of your friends.  Need time to think about which friends?  Fine.  I'll wait.

(Jeopardy theme plays...)

Got them?  Good!  Let's call one "Susie", the other "Mary", and begin.

David is a nice guy.  Period.  Everyone who has ever met him likes him.  He is successful career- and financially-wise, good-looking, and smart.  And a real character.  David is the life of any party.  He is not obnoxious but if he comes to a party he is going to do his damned best to make sure it is a great one.  When David comes into a room, it lights up.  People are always glad to see him because he is fun and unpredictable; willing to take any dare. The phrase, "Hold my watch this", was invented specifically for David. Everyone has a fun "David" story.

Got him in mind? It's after work and David has an appointment later that evening, so rather than going home and then coming back, David hits a favorite bar to kill some time. He steps inside, he hears his name called out and sees "you" and the two other women you have picked, having a girls' night out, and calling him to join them.  He does, and starts picking up the tab because - he's David!  That's what he does.

And they are all having fun.  But now it comes to the point where the girls have planned to hit another nightclub and, "David!  Why don't you come with us?"

David begs off saying he has that appointment.

The girls:  "Oh, c'mon.  Can't you get out if it?  Three hot girls? Who have had too much to drink?  You're going to turn that down?  How often does that happen?  Please...."

David:  "I don't know.  Let me make a call and find out."

David goes off to make a call.  He soon returns and says, "OK.  I can do it, but only if we stop on the way for a couple of minutes.  It will be quick, interesting, and I'll pick up the cab fare - and you can get the first round at the next club."  (David lied.  He would never let them pick up the tab.)

It's a deal and off they go!

They come to an apartment building, get in the elevator to the 20th floor, and knock on one of the apartment doors.  Mollie answers and invites them all in.  Mollie is tall, about 5'10, attractive with brown curly hair, slender, and pleasant.  She is dressed like anyone else at home on a work week night, something similar to what you would wear at your home.  And her apartment - well, it looks like your place.  Just a normal apartment in the big city.

Mollie has all the women sit and, with David standing nearby, then says, "I've known David for a while and he tells me he is going to escort you on your night out.  But David sometimes needs to be reminded to behave himself.  And, since you have places to go and things to do, I need to get started.

With that Mollie points to David, says, "Drop 'em!", all the while moving a formerly unnoticed armless straight-backed chair into position, and sits. By the time she is seated David's slacks (not jeans) have hit his ankles, Mollie says, "Get over" and David goes OTK.  Immediately she grabs his boxers and says "Lift".  David lifts himself above her lap about an inch, and in one "Swoosh!" - David's shorts join his slacks.  He is over her knee with bare bottom up. 

This is happening fast!  From the time Mollie said, "I've known David for a while..." to this point, only about 15-20 seconds have elapsed! 

Mollie, with her eyes focused on "the target", immediately raises her right arm up high into the air....
OK, let's pause here. It's reader participation time.

You know by now what is about to happen, as do Susie and Mary.  David has surprised them all by bringing them to watch him getting a spanking.  Oh, sweet Baby Jeebus, rapture me up.  Surprised as all heck, everyone's eyes must be the size of golf balls. And David must know it, too, and be quietly laughing to himself at the thought of surprising the heck out of them like this.

So, some questions:

1.    What is going through your mind when you realize what is about to happen?
2.    More important, what is Susie thinking?  What is Mary thinking?
3.    Are any of the three of you thinking "Get me out of here!!!!"?
4.    Or are you all thinking, "You go girl!", or a combination of 3&4?
5.    Guys - have at it.

The reason I initially asked that all the women not be married or not in a relationship at this moment is because it possibly could put them into a position where there might be repercussions.  "You were in a room with a guy with his pants off...?  Getting spanked?"  A husband/significant other may not appreciate that.

So, let's get your thoughts/answers, and then I'll continue with part 2 of the story.

Thank you, A.J., for that stimulating beginning. Readers, it's over to you.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 14, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 13

What post on your blog has been viewed most often?

Dan: Well, this one came as a surprise. First was a "guestbook" of sorts that I keep on the blog. That probably makes some sense since it is more an ongoing feature than a post. The top real post is on "Caning Tips & Methods" which is ironic because we don't actually use the cane. I kind of want to because it is so iconic, but when we have tried it just hasn't worked well for us. Hence, in that post I asked for people's advice on how a cane should be used.

Roz: This is a great question, it's always interesting looking at blogger stats. In April 2013 Ami Starsong and I both published companion posts on tolerance levels to spanking from our own experiences. That has remained my top post since.

KDPierre: According to Blogger it's this one: "Spanking by Committee"

Ironically, I personally would not rate my top posts by popularity as my top posts by quality. But looking at their catchy titles, I understand why certain posts get the attention they do. It is my firm belief that an enticing title that tickles someone's prurient curiosity will outperform the most eloquent post. I actually prefer to measure a post's success by the quality of the comments it gets. Sheer numbers are a popularity contest based on flash over substance...pretty much like anything in our internet culture. Certain key words are like bait! LOL

Knowing this, it is sometimes fun to title a post with something that will lure in a reader, even if it is a bit misleading in content.

abby: First of all thanks...I never knew how to check my stats and now I do! Leatherlicious Friday was my all time high.

Katie: Hi Hermione!:) This is a great way to gather everyone's top read posts! For me, it used to be a post called "It's Only Coffee. Or is it?" Now, "The Unwanted Spanking?" has almost a thousand more views than that one. It explores the nuances of a specific discipline spanking, and then some.

Hands63: I'm not a blogger but I have to agree with what kdpierre mentioned. The "enticing" titles always grab my attention first.

Leigh: Hi Hermione - I had seen this somewhere and looked it up but never did anything about it, pretty much standard for me lately. Anyway, I did remember the title and used the search button. It's Saddle Sore.

Ronnie: Mine is Spanked to Orgasm (I re-posted it on Friday) which surprised me as I thought it would have been one of my 'In with the New' posts.

Amy: Hello Hermione! I'm so touched that you posted my idea on your Sunday Brunch. I look forward to playing along every week. :) My most viewed is "Spankings Wait for No One".

Hermione: My most-viewed post is a story called Juliette Takes the Strap. In fact, the three most-viewed posts are all from the Top Shelf series.

Thank you all for sharing your most popular posts. I enjoyed reading each one.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #189

Hello and come on in. You're just in time for another exciting spanko brunch. This week's topic was suggested by Amy, and I invite all bloggers to weigh in on this one.

What is your most-viewed blog post?

Both Blogger and WordPress have statistics that will give you the answer.
  • In Blogger, from the dashboard click on Stats, Posts, and in the upper right click on All Time.
  •  In WordPress, from the dashboard click on Site Stats and you will see Best Ever.
Please include both the title and the link to your most-viewed post in your comment below so we can all visit and make those posts even more popular.

For non-bloggers, you may join in by telling us what your favourite post is on any blog you choose.

I will provide a summary on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart